Happy Panty Lovers

Dec 2013

Lola Lola Lola
Your package came today,thank you sooo much.
I wasn’t expecting it till tomorrow and I was in the middle of fixing my fire place when it arrived and needless to say I never got to finish the fire place.
I haven’t abused my self like that for a long,long,long,long time,I couldn’t stop.the post came about 11 and I was at it till 3,i think I gave my self a hernia!!!
The aroma,the taste is absolutely wonderful,beautiful,i don’t even know what words to use.

Feb 2013

Hi Gorgeous!!!!!
Super Awesome video and Pics, WOW and OMG!!!! You are the Best Babe!!!
Now I just can’t wait for that lil red thong!!!! Have a Gr8 day!!!!!!!

U truly are a Gem!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart:-))) FANTASTIC pic!!!!!

Hi Lola.  I’ve received those heavenly panties.  They smell absolutely amazing! I love your scent – it gets me instantly hard.  Your scent is so distinctive and so nice, the best ever in fact.  I’m here now with them and I’m about to taste that delicious pussy juice.  I think that will take me over the edge!  I’ll be having plenty of fun with this thong ;-)
Rich xxx


‘Lola, what can i say except truly awesome. And, of course, thank you x. Hopefully i’ll be a bit more lucid tomorrow (when ive recovered)  ;-)Graham

Oh my jesus christ Lola smells just amazingly so so good and she taste’s well so so so so good, very sweet tasting.   Conor

Dear Lola,

I recieved your beautiful knickers in the post this morning, and my
god do they smell good, I can say I also tasted you, jesus christ you tasted so
so good, I think it is a very sweet taste, if I could I would give you a big
long cuddle for a very long time from Sunrise to sunset, maybe on a long haul
flight, lol

Mark x

Once again TOP quality service from your site, and Lola’s credit to you and your business.

Dear Lola,
Thank you so much for sending me another pair of your delicious panties. I had hours of fun with the last pair I bought, but after many nights spent pressing my face into them and licking out the sweet taste of your pussy, they had started to smell more of me than of you and, finally, I washed them.
So I was left with a clean pair of skimpy white panties. Your panties. Just the knowledge of how intimately they had touched you was enough to excite me still. Thinking of how that thin white fabric had pressed between your legs as you went about your day, soaking up your taste and scent. The thong riding up tight into your ass crack, the crotch rubbing on your pussy and clit.
But no matter how much those clean knickers could still get me off, I knew I needed another dirty pair. I needed to smell you again.
So I read through your blog, looked at the pictures, watched the video. My god you are beautiful Lola! Divinely so. Every curve and swell of your body leaves a red hot image in my mind. The sight of you sucking on your own worn knickers throws me into a fury of mindless desire. Your eyes are dark hypnotic pools; they suck me in and I become your slave.
Your taste in underwear is exquisite, naturally. Every item shows off your delectable shapeliness. Fullback panties hugging the perfect curves of your bum, French knickers showing your flawless skin through the lace, thong strings vanishing into the inviting crevice between your cheeks, begging me to follow with my tongue.
The video of you slowly stripping and teasing drove me wild. Seeing your pert breasts slip out of your top, stiff little pink nipples begging to be bitten and licked. You pull down your panties a little and show your naked ass, and I long to be on my knees worshipping it. The fleeting glimpses of your shaven pussy make me beg for a taste of you.
I imagined you bent over in front of me and laying a trail of kisses along your spine, slowly down from your neck to your ass, gently over the intoxicating curves of your buttocks, down between your thighs…. until I can close my mouth over your vagina and push my tongue into you…..
I waited and waited. The days after I ordered seemed to drag by, and all I could think about was smelling you again. Finally I got home yesterday to find an envelope waiting for me. I shivered with anticipation. I put the package on the radiator and took a shower – I wanted to be clean so that I could smell only you. Then I lay naked on my bed and opened the warm package. I smiled as I read your note and then, unwrapping the contents with trembling fingers, at last I held your dirty panties in my hand. I was already hard with the thought of what I was about to do, and my cock quivered when I saw the white stain your pussy had left in the crotch.
I imagined what you might have done while wearing what I was holding. I thought about this warm black cotton pressing against your flesh as you punched and jumped and kicked, soaking up the sweat of the exercise. I imagined you, later, lying on your bed – naked but for this very slip of fabric – running your hands over your sweat-beaded breasts and up your thighs, converging between your legs, rubbing at your clit, pressing the cotton into your pussy. I imagined you moaning as your fingers worked your cunt, writhing on the bed as the pleasure grew, until finally you screamed aloud, and with each spasm of pleasure your pussy would spurt another wave of that intimate juice into the black thong I was now holding in my hand, still warm as if fresh from your body.
I took out the other pair – the white thong from before, now clean – and draped it over my cock. I began to stroke myself through the cloth. Already the crotch was shining with precum. Then finally, after long days of waiting, I brought your dirty panties to my face, and sniffed.
I almost came right away. I had to squeeze the base of my cock to bring myself back from the brink. My god they smelled good! It was even better than before. My nose explored the panties, experiencing the different scents your body had left behind. Each new stretch of the cotton showed me a new part of you. Here the sweat from the skin at your hip, here the musky scent of your ass where the sweat had run down the crack, and here… the ever-increasing smell of your sex as I moved my face down to the crotch, to that magical spot right at the centre, where the opening of your pussy had touched the panties. Your pussy scent was like a drug to me, and I was out of my mind with it.
I lay there, naked on my back, sniffing the dirty black thong while stroking my dick with the white. I imagined you kneeling over me, pressing your naked cunt down onto my face. You sternly demand that I worship your ass and pussy with my tongue. Yes Lola, I worship you…. let me sniff you, let me taste you…. I am yours to command if I can have just… one… long… slow… lick.
Soon the smell was overpowering me, and some animal part took over. I was no longer thinking about anything – my entire being was filled with the smell of your pussy. There was no room for anything else. I slowed down, each stroke of your white panties tingling along my cock and tickling my balls, while with each deep breath I inhaled the aroma of your sex. Closer and closer it brought me, until, at last, I could hold back no longer.
I didn’t cry out because I was still breathing in when I came, still drinking you in as my cock pulsed and spurted into your knickers. The orgasm seemed to last forever, as though this overload of the senses had pushed me outside of time.
When it finally abated and the last orgasmic shiver subsided, I lay there, spent, with your black panties still resting on my face and your white ones in my hand, dripping from the crotch with my spunk.

Was hoping you could pass on my thanks to Lola for an inCREDible delivery (LOLA52). Absolutely DELIGHTED with them!  They invite me into her world (her private one of course!) so wonderfully.

She has a NEW very happy customer!  I’ll be back.


I received Lola’s panties today and they smell divine and are nicely stained, looks like she had some fun wearing them as well as working in them. I’d be grateful if you can pass on my gratitude to Lola for sending me her undies, they are just what I wanted and her aroma is such a turn on.

Kind regards


Lola is a hottie for sure, as soon as she offered up her panties for review I was in awe! She carefuly packaged her panties in baby blue tissue paper with a white ribbon and an adorable letter. She had a day full of fun in these and I was so excited couldn’t contain myself. Her dirty little panties are definitely recommended!

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  1. paul klieve said:

    I cant wait to get some pantyhose from you just hope they smell of your sweet juices xxxx

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